Making a Conquer Server with XSCO Emu (MySql)

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Making a Conquer Server with XSCO Emu (MySql)

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These files run mysql -> -> download the community server.

Their GUI tools are also very useful.

MySQL install is fairly simple so I can only hope you can do it yourself >.>
After you setup mySQL, install the gui tools and run mysql administrator to setup an account. (or skip this part and just use root that you made during install) -- if using root, you don't need to create the DB as the sql script creates it for you and root can access any DB regardless of permissions.

After you've created an account, open mySQL Query Browser.
In QB, hit File and then Open Script. Load this .sql file

Then hit the execute button at the top right.

mySQL set up. Smile

Now on to the server.cfg

note: the "lanmode" line is exactly that. lanmode on a line.
lanmode<use>.> contrary to what some assholes think
/servername/ named after whatever your server name is (make the folder if it doesn't exist) -- this folder is not yet used but will be used later to store server specific settings like npc scripts and monster databases so separate servers can have separate settings

Anyway, on to the files:

Help beyond the basic question can be obtained from my forum. Latest info will also be there along with the most recent release. I'll update this post as I get time. ^^ if anything is missing do tell.

things that are good to know:
The server opens an extra socket on port 1337. Nothing to worry about. Any connection that hits it will instantly close. It was for checking if the server is online for my sig Razz You can use it to open a socket to it for a server status. Don't think it'll work when set on lanmode though.
As said this isn't for the weak hearted (or weak computers). This emu uses 1.1GB ram with one server and 1.8GB with two servers loaded. ~700MB per server.
What you see if what you get. Monsters don't spawn and neither do npcs. You can force a monster to spawn down below.

most commands that are coded are for test purposes only and I won't give them out because I'll never hear the end of it about how they crashed the server or messed something up >.> some require more than one person on and don't check if they are on and WILL crash.

Basic commands are:
/tp mapid x y
/spawnguard <-- temporary spawn - won't stay

something fun I made:
/mass <- spawns every model from 1 to 999 Smile WARNING -- very laggy Razz most people I showed it to got 0-1 fps walking through it. I got around 10-20 but meh, that's pretty laggy.

/mob id <-- sets the temp var to modelid id
^^ if you do a cool pose after typing that it will spawn whatever modelid you set

that's all for now. It's not much, but what you're expecting is something super fancy and cosmetic like pvp, items, stuff like that. What I've spent most of my time on are the more core features and functions that make the emu run more efficiently. Can't wait to see how this will perform with a lot of people on Very Happy if it ever crashes, hopefully my exception catcher will pick it up. If it doesn't, be sure to tell me what was happening at the time of crash :[ and any last console messages.

Also, type "help" in console for a little more info. (will add more stuff there as more is added).

SQL insert query:

INSERT INTO `accounts` (`name`, `pass`,`address`) VALUES('".$_POST["accname"]."', '".$_POST["pass"]."', '".$_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR]."');
That's what I use in PHP. All it needs is name and pass but address is a nice touch. Address is updated on login anyway so it isn't needed except to make sure empty accounts have one set.

Credits to bone-you


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