Server files with more features

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Server files with more features

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I found some server files that might help you
Credits to host3rbe

Hello all
My Server File for sharing

c:\ File
My Server Have

NPC Work: (88) NPCs Work Good

Alot of thing add like
Monster can kill tha char
No selector
Whisper Work
and another thing

Skill Work:
7030 Celestial
7010 Earthquake
7020 Rage
5030 Phoenix
5010 Snow
1290 Penetration
5040 Boom
5050 Boreas
1260 SpeedGun
7000 Seizer
5020 StrandedMonster
1250 WideStrike
1300 Halt
1095 Stigma
1380 Dance2
1385 Dance3
1390 Dance4
1395 Dance5
1400 Dance6
1405 Dance7
1410 Dance8
1165 FireofHell
1160 Bomb
1180 FireMeteor
1002 Tornado

have Command:
/item (ItemName) 7 2 9 7 255
/level (1-130)
/job (Job Number)
/cp(post any number here you will get CPs)
/scroll (tc-am-bi-dc-pc)
/mm (Mab Id) X Y
/autosave (on-of) >>> Server AutoSave After 10 scend
/prof (Skill Name)
/skill (Weapon Name)[/LEFT]

/kill <PlayerName>
/bind <CharName>
/ban <CharName>
/newmodel <ModelNumber>
/Reward [Char] [Stat] [Amount]
/to_me [player name or [all]]
/tele [Charname]
/l [player/pm/gm]
/reload [portals/items/npcspawns/monsters]
/server [r/s]

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